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What’s Up Lately – Welcoming a New Year!

January 8, 2018

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was suuuuuper chill, and I loved it! We had football on in the background while we meal prepped, played with Beckham and his new kitchen (a lot, haha!), and lounged on the couch. I love lazy weekends, and it seems like they are few and far between! 

I have a little catching up to do with you all, so let’s begin!

We made a Costco trip the other day and I plopped Scotti in the Binxy Baby and she loved it! This is the greatest invention ever! So, with Costco, I feel like it really doesn’t save you money, but maybe I’m wrong, We signed up for a membership the day we went, then went around and filled up our basket, and we were like, holy cow, this is going to be a fortune. Let’s just keep shopping at Kroger instead. Haha! So we went and cancelled the membership!! I mean, $9.99 for 2 lbs of grapes….No way. Do you shop at Costco? Do you really think you save money!? I’m curios to hear!
Scotti girl hanging with dad! We went to the library for some play time and to see Clifford!!  He loved the puppet show!
What a goofball!
My sweet sweet girl! Beckham loves helping me go get the mail!  We have started letting him use a fork to eat and he thinks he’s so big! Girlfriend wishing she could eat some real food!  Target run! This girl did not want to be woken up from her nap!  Scotti has discovered her tongue and it’s the cutest thing ever! Watching TV and loving it!! Haha Jared and I started a new lifting program and we are having so much fun with it! We just completed week 1! I am so excited and hope I see some great results!!  I have been drinking tons of water, too! I’m feeling so healthy! And that’s it, folks!! Thanks for popping by to see what’s been going on in our lives lately! I would say that 2018 is off to a great start!



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