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What’s Up Lately – October is here!

October 2, 2017

And just like that, another week is in the books! I am so so happy that October is here, and I absolutely loved the cooler weather this weekend! Knowing Georgia’s tendencies, I don’t expect it to stay cool for very long, but I sure did enjoy it this weekend! I’m going to have to keep the text short on this post because both babies are napping right now and I have quite a few things to get done! But, I’ll be sharing my 1 month postpartum update with you all this Wednesday, and it is pretty lengthy! πŸ™‚

Here are some of my favorite moments from this week.

I love this little butterfly onesie! So sweet.

Beckham got a new snack cup and thinks he’s a real big shot!! Out on a hot date with my man! We basically eat mexican food every time we go out…..Haha! We’ve been on a fish taco kick lately, but we decided to switch it up this time!
Enjoying the cooler weather!
Jared was playing around with the camera on his new phone! We both took back our new iPhones and got Galaxy S8’s instead. The camera on that phone is unbelievable!! I am soo happy with it!!
Sweet little pumpkin. She loves napping on her belly! She does bed time sleep in her rock n play, though! I may try out the belly sleeping at night, I’m just not sure if she will go for such a long stretch, so I’m nervous to risk it!
Beckham came in to help me wake her up. Of course he wanted to snuggle with her! Love my blue eyed girl!!
Sound asleep at lunch Beckham loves going out to eat..So much to look at! This picture cracks me up!Β  Such a ham!
Hanging out at dad’s work! Helping me wake up Scotti..his favorite thing to do!!Bath time!!
Watching Scotti on the monitor. I love this little outfit! Girl clothes are soo cute!!Β  Her face in this one is so funny! Aww! Dad’s home!!!Β  Sleeping hard!!!
These pictures are some of my favorite of the two of them so far! So so sweet.
Goof ball My favorite
Out on a coffee date with my man!
My mom got him the cutest Halloween pjs!Β  MESSY BOY!! Such an angel! Family lunch at hibachi! Beckham was terrified!!Β  Poor baby! Good morning!!!
And that wraps it up!! We had some really sweet times this past week!

Thanks for stopping by today! I’ll be back on Wednesday!


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  • Casey Sexton October 2, 2017 at 10:39 am

    Beautiful pictures! Your hair is on point! I have the s8 plus and loooooove it!