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What’s Up Lately – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

November 24, 2017

Happy Friday, friends! Are you still in a post-Thanksgiving coma??! We are still recovering at our house. Both babies were so sweet and snuggly this morning…I think they are still exhausted from all of the partying we did yesterday with family! I am going to share a Thanksgiving post with you soon, but for now, I want to get caught up on my What’s Up Lately posts. This post is going to have pictures from the last 2 or 3 weeks because I’ve gotten behind. Things have been crazy of here, and we have been having lots of really hard moments/days with the kids. Haha! But it’s all so fun. 

Anyway, I’m going to get right to it because there’s a lot to share!

My mom sent me this picture when she was babysitting the other day and I love love love it!! This boy makes me laugh so much!

Scotti girl all dressed up! Beckham has been loving playing outside in this weather! Check out those gross socks!! Haha This is our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree that I put in the front room. I think it’s so cute!
Scotti is getting so big!! And she’s so long!!  I made some yummy Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread and it was sooo good! And it made the house smell amazing! Sleepy head! I tried giving her a pacifier to help with her screaming in the car, but she gags when I give it to her! Haha. Oh well!!  Trying out the new car seat at Kroger! There has definitely been less crying, but I don’t know if it’s enough of a difference to keep the new carseat. I hated spending money on that thing!!  Pumpkin!!  Mhmm…Look who learned how to climb into this chair!  Thinking he’s so big…. Fun goodies from my Grove Collaborative purchase! Check out my last post in case you missed it!!  He wore this hat for about 30 seconds!
Testing out the stroller with Scotti in the seat instead of the car seat! Beckham loved riding around in the house! She’s getting so big!
Out and about for a little stop at Marshalls!  Snuggles! She loves the Solly Wrap so much!
Another successful trip to Kroger with no screaming!! YAY!
All bundled up. I’m so tired of his nose being snotty!! Learning how to stick out our tongue!!
This was heaven right here! I never get to rock her but Beckham was asleep so I took advantage!
Such a goof ball! Date night!!  Sweet sweet girl Someone found my makeup….Haha Playing outside with my best buddy! Always drinking his water! Hi Scotti!! Haha
I love having a Christmas tree up!! It makes me so happy!  Jared let Beckham ride around in this car at Kroger and he had the best time!! First time taking the kids to Waffle House! It was so much fun!
Look how tall Scotti is!!  He will smile so big for pictures if the flash is on..Haha We gave him one of his Christmas presents early…his Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn. He loves it soooo much!!  He wanted to put his hat on when he woke up from his nap…Haha! Goof ball!  Both kids screaming….What’s new!? Haha!! When Scotti screams, Beckham screams…It’s really fun!!  My girl Poor Scotti! Beckham loves to lay on her!  Post bath hair!  Oh no!! Where’s Scotti!?? Haha

Alright, that was so many pictures, but it’s because I haven’t gotten around to posting my “What’s Up Lately” posts.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’m thankful for this little online community that I get to share life with!


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