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October 9, 2017

Happy Monday, friends! Any one else out there completely pooped today?? Together we unite! πŸ˜› But seriously, where did the weekend go and why don’t I feel re-energized?! Haha! Although it went by super fast, we did get tons of family time and also got to do some fun adventuring, so I can’t complain!Β 

I am excited to be starting a new blog series, and the first post will roll out on Wednesday, so stay tuned!!

As always, I will keep this post brief because Monday’s are cray cray and there is laundry to be put away and floors to be mopped!

I love this picture of Beckham in the garage with no pants. He was having a really tough time in the car and had been crying, but as soon as I got him out of the car and let him run around in the garage, he was happy as a clam! He was pant-less because he someone peed through his diaper and soaked his pants while we were out and I didn’t have an extra pair of pants!

I gave Beck his first hair cut this past week and I think he looks soooo cute! It’s very subtle. I pretty much just cut off the stringy hair that was longer than the rest. This was a crazy moment right here so I had to snap a picture. I have to remind myself to just laugh when things get super chaotic or crazy around the house, otherwise I might have a heart attack! Haha!! Sometimes we all just take life too seriously, don’t we?? Awww Poor Scotti!Β  This boy loves spaghetti and loves making a mess!Β 
Playing outside and enjoying the somewhat cooler temps! Praisin’ Jesus!Β  Eagerly awaiting daddy’s arrival after work!!Β  Sweet girl scratched her nose!!Β  Sleepy head. She loves sleeping on her tummy!Β  Beckham thinks he’s a big shot because I let him eat cheese sticks by himself now!Β  My boy
Aren’t his pjs cute? From Carters, of course!Β  Morning smiles!Β Spending some qt with my girl! She loves sleeping in her daddy’s lap! And she also loves this little bouncy seat! It’s been a life saver!Β  Snoozin’ away, as always! I’m hoping she won’t hate her carseat like Beckham did!Β  Trying to find some slippers! We didn’t buy any because they were all a little too crazy! I think he would have a hard time walking in them!!Β  Aww He can’t leave her bows alone! She looks terrified! The sweetest girl in the world. Wide awake at 10pm. Go to sleeeeeeeeeep! Lookin’ like a big boy! Mexican food, our favorite!!Β  Got to go on a brunch date with my guy!!Β 
And that’s all, folks!! We are hoping to have a nice calm week and to get some rest! We are also hoping that Scotti will start going to bed earlier!! She’s still sleeping through the night which is amaaaaazzzzzing, but she only goes to bed arond 10:30 or 11, and my typical bedtime is like…9. Haha! That’s part of the baby stage, though, just gotta embrace it!!

I’ll be back on Wednesday! Have a fabulous day!


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