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What’s Up Lately – Soaking In These Moments

July 31, 2017

Happy Monday, friends! I apologize for not having a post up on Friday. I try my best to post MWF, but it just wasn’t gonna happen last week! But, I’m here today with my regular weekly update. Still no baby here, people! I am grateful! I mean, I can’t wait to have her here, but I just want her to be fully developed! 

We had a lot of fun this past week. We are trying to do as much as possible before Scotti comes since we know life will slow down for a bit after her arrival. Beckham and I have been doing tons of sunggling and I am soaking in every minute of it!! I love when he lays or sits with me. He is usually so full of energy, running around a million miles a minute, but lately he has been snuggling!!
We went to the splash pad with friends and had a lot of fun. Beckham had a little fall and scraped his face, and then I was scared to let him go back out and play. Haha! I need to get over that!!  You can see his little boo boo here. Awww When he wakes up from his naps, he loves to snack on either pretzels or cheerios. He’s so stinkin’ cute. He also loves to play video games. (Not really, obviously, but he loves the controller!)
Jared made the best pasta! Everything was from scratch, even the noodles! It was delish!
Beckham has become obsessed with his dog stuffed animal lately and he carries it over his shoulder like this all the time. Haha
This was my 35 week belly with Beckham!  We got to say hi to our friends Kori, Jason, and Anniston at the mall. Kori is so thoughtful and she bought some cute clothes for the kids!!  I LOVE this little shirt for Beckham!!!
And this outfit for Scotti is just too cute for words. The jellies! AHH!! She also got her the cutest little dress but I forgot to take a picture!
This weekend we went out for some dinner at Marlows. Beckham loves going out to eat lately because there is so much to look at!  I had the best salmon salad!!  He was having the best time! Doing a little window shopping..Haha I just love those teeth!
I went out with some friends on Saturday morning, and Jared and Beckham had a guy’s morning!
Look how sweet! I have fun getting breakfast with the girls and getting a mani/pedi!! Girl time is the best!! Millie loved her donut! I went with pink in honor of Scotti!
Ohhhh la la! We also got to have a date night this past week! Thanks mom!! We went to one of our favorite pizza spots and had the best time!! I love this man! And I love this top! I will be sharing more about it in a post on Wednesday!!  After pizza, we went and got some yummy Starbucks!  I love date nights. So so much. I hope we can keep them up once Scotti is here!!

And that brings me to today!! I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday and not melting in this heat! Phew!!

I will be back soon!



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