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What’s Up Lately – 37 Weeks Pregnant!

August 7, 2017

Happy Monday friends! I’m currently typing up this post real quick while waiting for Beckham to fall asleep. That kid is a mess. If he happens to go #2 (don’t want to be too graphic, haha!) while he’s trying to fall asleep for a nap, then he will not go to sleep. Little booger. So he’s been playing in his crib for about 30 minutes, and I finally went in there to see what was up, and low and behold, he pooped! Hopefully now that he’s got a clean diaper, he will fall asleep. Nap time is just sacred. It’s always a bummer when he skips a nap! Haha! 

So, with that being said, I’m going to make this post snappy! We just got done celebrating Beckham’s first birthday yesterday, and I plan to share lots of photos in some different posts this week. We had a great weekend showering our boy with love!

So now for some pictures from this past week! I think these pictures of him in my glasses are hilarious. His facial expressions just crack me up! He hates glasses and hats! My sweet boy! He had just gotten done brushing his hair! Haha When he refuses to sit in the shopping cart, we sometimes let him push the basket around the store. He FLIES though, so we can only do it when the store is pretty calm, haha! We did some shopping at J Crew because Jared needd some shirts. Beckham was, of course, wild, and wanted to sprint around the store! Haha. I didn’t put him in the stroller because I felt bad since we had just taken a long walk and he had already been in the stroller for so long.
Family mirror pic!
Scotti has been cray cray lately! She moves SOOOO much, and my belly always looks like it has an alien inside! Lunch with dad! The highlight of Beckham’s week each week. I finally got my hair done! Yay! It had been 6 months sine I went last. I try to spread it out because I like having dark roots sometimes, so it’s fun switching it up! Yay! Blonde again! Why does he love the refrigerator so much!?
Check out this serious face! My mom got him the cutest outfit ever! I told her that when she brings him to the hospital to meet Scotti that he should wear this!! So so cute. Trying on daddy’s shoes!
He loves phones. In this picture he is holding my mom’s phone like a big shot!! He’s too smart. Haha Big ol’ belly! This toy truck has been his latest obsession. He plays with it ALLLLL the time! Waiting for take out food and playing on the iPad. Haha This is one of the presents Jared and I got him for his birthday. Obviously we want to start him young so he can be a bball star!!  My parents got him this adorable tricycle that will grow with him as he gets bigger! He loves it! Birthday hair!!
He loves that he has a cupholder on his bike!

That pretty much sums up this week. Like I said, I will be sharing cake smash photos and lots of photos from Beckham’s birthday later this week!

Have a fabulous day!


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