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June 12, 2017

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Our weekend was fun, but man, did it fly by! We stayed up on Friday watching Friday Night Lights (we are hooked), and then Saturday, we shot a wedding. Jared and I both really enjoy shooting weddings, but it is exhausting, and it’s always tough to spend time away from Beckham! By the way, I don’t mention our photography business often, but you can see our work here! So after the wedding on Saturday, we spent the whole day Sunday recovering. We skipped church (woops) and slept a lot. I slept during both of Beckham’s naps and it was so glorious!! We had fun hanging out at home and just being together! I love my little family.

So here are some photos from this week. I cannot believe how quickly weeks fly by these days!!!

Beckham is obsessed with coffee. Well, he’s never actually tried it, but any time we have coffee in a mug, it is Beckham’s MISSION to get it!! Haha! Jared let him think he was drinking coffee once he had finished his cup.

He’s also obsessed with the laundry room. I have no idea why, but he always wants to be a part of the laundry process.  Oh man. These flowers from last weekend’s wedding. I couldn’t get enough of them!! I want these on my kitchen island! We had a fun play date at the park with lots of kids. Beckham had the best time! He loves watermelon! Yum!! Cookies! We did a little shopping! We played at the library. The boys snuggling on Sunday morning. So sweet.
Beckham thinks my big belly is funny….Haha
Shopping and sitting in the cart like a big boy. This didn’t last long because of course he wanted to stand up!! Yep! Big shot! The next day when we went to Target, I made sure to strap him in!! Haha Bump date! “What, do I have something on my face??” Sweet boy.
We went to Freddy’s for some ice cream! Mr. Serious!! Yum!!
A little lake adventure! Beckham thought the water was so cool!

And that wraps up this past week!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! You guys are the best!



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