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The Ultimate Baby Registry

June 7, 2017

The Ultimate Baby Registry

People ask me all the time about my favorite baby products, and I LOVE to share! Nowadays there are so many baby products out there, and many of them are completely unnecessary. However, there are also many products that made caring for a newborn/baby so much easier!! I will try to keep this post from being 12 pages long, haha, but I want to be honest with you all! Also keep in mind that all babies are different, and what one baby loves, another may despise! I highly recommend borrowing the expensive items from a friend, and then perhaps purchasing later if you find that your baby loves them!

Nose Frida – We used this thing from the very beginning! It sucks all of the snot out of your baby’s nose so they can breathe! It’s genius!

DockATot – I haven’t actually used the DockATot yet, but from what I’ve read, it’s definitely a must have! You can read more about how I plan to use it in this post.

Bottles/Drying Rack  – We have loved these Dr. Browns bottles and loved this drying rack! We will reuse them for the next baby!

Rock N Play –  Beckham slept in this rock-n-play for the first 4 months of his life! While we LOVED having this, and attribute him sleeping through the night so early to it, we are going to try to stay away from letting baby #2 sleep in it because we had a difficult time transitioning Beckham to his crib because he was used to the rock n play. However, I still think it’s great to have one because babies love them and they are easy to transport! You can pop them in it while you take a shower, clean the house, or cook dinner!

Swaddle Blankets – We love swaddle blankets in this house! Not because we love to swaddle…We don’t..But we just love how soft and cozy they are! We used these Buttermilk Babies swaddle blankets with B and he LOVES them and takes one with him every where we go. They are sooooo soft. He’s actually sleeping with one in the picture above. We got some from Margaux and May for Scotti, and they seem to be just as soft! They are SO gorgeous! I cannot wait to use them when she arrives! 

Burp cloths – Just make sure you have tons and tons of burp cloths in case your baby spits up a lot!

Onesies – Beckham lived and still does live in onesies. They are just so convenient! 

Mamaroo – We kept a mamaroo in our living room, and Beckham spent a ton of time in it from about 0-3 months. He napped in it, and sometimes just hung out when we needed to get stuff done. I borrowed this from a friend, and it was SUCH a blessing!

Noise machine – Gotta have it. Beckham won’t sleep without it! And we don’t have to worry about being quiet when he’s sleeping, yay!! We love this one.

Carseat – Duh, you have to have one. We have the Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Carseat and we don’t love it! The head support is not removable and Beckham hated it!! Definitely do your research before picking out your car seat! We will still use this one with Scotti, but wouldn’t recommend it to friends!

Monitor – We started with the Samsung Brightview and the battery completely died about 8 months in. Don’t get this one! We now have this Summer Infant monitor and love it! It came with two cameras (one for each baby) and was still cheaper than the Samsung!! We love it! 

Bath – We used this bath for Beckham, and it was great, except that it got really moldy all the time. It was a pain. We will be using this Angel Care bath for Scotti and it is mildew resistant!! I am so excited about it!!

Footie pjs – Beckham lived in these as a newborn, and he still sleeps in them every night!

Stroller – We started with a Bob Jogging Stroller and enjoyed it, but it’s just soo heavy and bulky. I never wanted to take it anywhere. We now have this City Select which can be a single or a double, and we love it! I wish I would have started with this one!

Carrier – We have a K’tan, a Baby Bjorn, and an Ergo, and the K’tan was ours and Beckham’s favorite! But I would recommend having a few so that you can change it up if you plan to do a lot of baby wearing! I am a huge fan!!

Play mat – We borrowed this play mat for Beckham and he absolutely loved it! We went ahead and bought the pink version for Scotti and we are hoping she loves it just as much!!

Diaper Bag – I’ve tried a couple different diaper bags, and my favorite has been the Vera Bradley Backpack. It’s not meant to be a diaper bag, but it works great! I love how soft and spacious it is.

Goumikids Booties & Mittens – The doctor told us not to clip Beckham’s nails for the first couple of weeks when we brought him home, and we couldn’t find any mittens that would stay on his hands! He scratched his poor little face over and over again! Goumikids has mittens that actually stay on the baby’s hands! I also love their little boots!! They keep their feet warm without having to put shoes on! Again, we couldn’t find any socks that would stay on his tiny little feet when he was born!
High chair –
We use this highchair and love it! It’s easy to transport and super easy to clean! We will be getting another one for Scotti.

Binxy baby – I didn’t have this for Beckham but I wish I would have!! It would have made shopping sooooo much easier! This is a little shopping cart hammock and it’s brilliant! Check it out here! I can’t wait to use it with Scotti!

For later down the road…

Exersaucer – Beckham loved this one! It helped me get so many things done around the house! I love having a variety of things to keep him entertained since we are usually home for the majority of the day most days!

Walker – Again, must have! Beckham lives in his walker and he has so much fun roaming the house in it. I get so much done while he’s in the walker! I definitely recommend the Joovy Walker because it rolls fast and easily!

Zebra WalkerThis is one of Beckham’s favorite toys, especially now that he is learning to walk.

Play and stand table This has been great in helping Beckham learn to pull up on things. He loves it!

Freddy The Firefly – We take this every where. He loves the different textures!

Footie PJs – Again, you cannot have enough footie pajamas. That’s the only thing Beckham sleeps in and right now we are down to 5 pairs and it’s just not enough!

iPad for Car – I mean, ya….We are those parents. Having an iPad in the car for Beckham to watch YouTube shows on has been a lifesaver. He used to scream and scream and scream in the car, and now he doesn’t mind it! Game changer!! Gotta do what it takes, mama’s!

Convertible Car Seat – We got this convertible car seat and have been loving it! Beckham likes it, too! We switched him over to it when he was 8 or 9 months old (rear facing) because he was getting so hot in the infant carrier.

Pediped Shoes – I didn’t really put shoes on Beckham when he was really little, but now that he is crawling and learning to walk, we have been loving his Pediped shoes!! I wrote a whole post about why I love them!

Those are all of my must haves, that I can think of, at least!! I hope this is helpful! Best of luck, mamas!



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