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The Best Invention Ever By Silikids!

June 16, 2017

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, then you’ve heard me talk about how much Beckham loves drinking from sippy cups, and lately, he is completely obsessed with straws! I was so excited to get the opportunity to try some new products from Silikids that just knew Beckham would love! Silikids creates silicone tableware, and their products are brilliant!

The first item that Beckham tried out is the universal straw top. This silicone “lid” allows you to use a straw with any cup!! It stretches over any cup, and it doesn’t pop off!! This is so cool because you can toss one in the diaper bag so that you always have the option to let your little one drink from a straw where ever you are, as long as you can find a cup!
Beckham loved drinking his green smoothie from this straw! We are also using this 6oz glass cup made my silikids. When you order the straw lids, it comes with a set of 3! I will definitely be keeping one of these in the diaper bag because Beckham always wants to drink my water when we are out at a restaurant!  We also have been trying out some other Siliskin items at meal time! Looks like someone is ready for some food….. But first, some ice water from this silicone sippy cup! I love the colors of this cup, and I love that it’s easy for Beckham to grip! Okay, now time for waffles and blueberries. This kid makes such a mess when he eats!
The lid on this sippy cup can be removed and used on any other cup! So so smart!
Making faces for the camera… Squishing blueberries… We also got these silicone glasses for when Beckham is a little older. The main reason I wanted these glasses is because I think the color is sooo pretty! But also, it think it’s awesome that they have a shock absorbing silicone sleeve, meaning that your kiddos can drop them and they won’t shatter into a million pieces!!
This last item is similar to the straw lid I mentioned earlier, but this one is a sippy cup version. These tops turn any cup into a sippy cup!! These are awesome!  You can even put them on the silicone glasses! Or you can put one on an adult glass! I love how versatile these products are!

So, do you agree with me?? Isn’t this stuff just so smart?? It’s gotta be one of the greatest inventions out there!

You can find all of these items and tons more on the Silikids website!



A big thank you goes to Silikids for partnering with me on today’s post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • Henry Morgan June 20, 2017 at 11:36 am

    As a parent of two girls who both had straw obsessions I have to say this looks like a great invention and its adaptability is just awesome.