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The Best Christmas Ever!

January 1, 2018

Is it too late for a Christmas blog post? Isn’t it funny how we move so quickly from one big event to the next? All we hear about/talk about during the month of December is CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS, and then on December 26th, we don’t mention it again. Haha! I am so sad that it’s over, but it was such a great one!! I was just overwhelmed with gratitude as we spent Christmas morning with our two perfect babies, and then later got to celebrate with family. We are so so blessed. I had fun taking pictures this year and documenting all of the special moments. I have a lot to share, so great ready! 

The kiddos slept in until 7:15 on Christmas morning, which was awesome! I remember last Christmas, Beckham woke up at 5:30 am and we were zombies!! So once the kids woke up, we fed Scotti a quick bottle, opened presents, and then made homemade French Toast! It really was the perfect morning!

Beckham enjoyed eating the bread that was supposed to be for the French Toast..Haha!
Stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning!  Even though we gave Beckham his play house a few weeks before Christmas, it was really supposed to be a Christmas present, so we brought it back out so he would think it was a present! Haha! He loves this house sooo much!
He also got this Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair for Christmas, but we gave it to him early. We are such suckers and and can’t stand waiting until Christmas morning!

The kids also got these adorable mini backpacks from Stuck On You. I was able to customize them to make them just how I wanted, and I think they look so cute! Scotti also got this Sit Me Up toy. She really likes it!  We got this little tent for Beckham. It will go in his bedroom. My hope is that he will snuggle up with books and blankets and read in there on day! We will see! Haha! Sweet boy! He had the best time on Christmas morning.  He loves his backpack! It’s the perfect size! Mega blocks!!!! He has no interest in these, but I’m sure he will as he gets older! He loves this little remote control car, though! Scotti loves her backpack! Just kidding…She couldn’t care less! Haha So cute!! My sweet little girl. It’s crazy to think that she will be Beckham’s size next Christmas!  Bubble bath! Yay!! My nana made these adorable ornaments for the kids. I love them so much!! Handmade gifts are the best. After opening gifts, eating French Toast, and laying the kids down for naps, we got ready and headed to my in-law’s house to celebrate!

Beckham was a little overwhelmed by all of the people! He’s so serious!!  Neena and her kiddos! Minus Lindsey!  Micaeala & Scotti girl Look at all the gifts!!!!Papa being Santa Clause! Beckham loves his new little South African bike! Josh and Lauren got a coffee grinder! Lindsey opening her gifts! It was complete chaos, but it was so much fun! Opening my gifts and getting Scotti to take a nap!  Look at this amazing wrapping!! Aunt Cheryl always does the most amazing job! Beckham’s first gun! Scotti’s first doll!! Aww! The boys all got sleeping bags! Judah and Colton brought over their new Christmas present and they all had fun playing on it! Aww
The next day we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family at our house! It was soo much fun!!

Beckham loves my sister, Victoria. And he loves Nolan! Playing with his gun..Haha Kisses from Mimi! Look how tan Nolan is!! He just got back from Cancun! Haha Jared and my older brother, Cole Aww Beckham and Grandpa! Aw Scotti loving her new unicorn from Aunt Shea! Aw The guys 🙂 Aw, my first Christmas! Look how excited he was about his new barn and farm animals! Posing  And he also got a kitchen from Mimi and Grandpa! The kids definitely racked up this year!! Scotti got a minnie mouse!!
Our little reader! Haha Such a happy boy!
He loved Mimi’s new candle! Aw Jared getting ready to open his stocking! Aunt Shea and Beck  My mom made this!! So cute!!
My mom also made this hand towels. She is so talented!!! Love these girls!

And that’s a wrap for Christmas, 2017!! It was sooo much fun and we feel so blessed to be surrounded by loved ones to celebrate the holidays with. I hope you all had a great Christmas, too!



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