Scotti’s Schedule At 4 Months Old

January 3, 2018

Hey friends! I wanted to hop on today and share Scotti’s schedule with you. I always hate googling “typical schedule for 4 month old” because there are so many different things out there that it’s hard to know what to try. With that being said, I am going to share the schedule that I have Scotti on, which is the same one that Beckham was on at this age, but it may not be a good fit for you and your babe!

Some things to keep in mind which make this schedule do-able for us:

  • I stay home, meaning I can call the shots on nap times, feeding times, etc. I am totally in charge, and if one nap doesn’t go accordingly, I can adjust the next nap. This is difficult when your baby isn’t with you during the day, which might make this schedule challenging.
  • The kids go to bed early. For some people, this just won’t work. For us, it’s amazing. The kids are asleep by 7pm and we have the rest of the night to unwind of get business done. Jared is usually home from work around 5:30, so he has time to play with the kids and help with bed time. But, if you get home later, then you may want a later bed time so that you can spend more time with your babies. Totally get that!
  • I’m a schedule nazi. I think you kind of have to be for this schedule to work. I do whatever it takes (especially in the beginning) to get my kids on a schedule. That would drive some people NUTS! But for me, it brings me peace and comfort! I love schedules!

Okay, so this is a typical day for Scotti. This schedule is adapted from the Moms On Call book.

7:00 – Wake up and drink 6 oz bottle. She has started waking up on her own at 7 or 7:15. If she isn’t awake by 7:15, I go wake her up. Play time after the bottle!

8:30-10/10:30 – Nap time. I take her in her room, turn on the sound machine, but on a sleep sack, and lay her down on her tummy.

10:30 – Wake up and 6 oz bottle. If she hasn’t woken on her own at this point, I will wake her up. She is usually up between 10 and 10:30. Play time after the bottle!

12:00-1:30 – Nap time. Same nap routine as before. She typically cries for about 30 seconds when I leave the room.

1:30 – Wake up and 6 oz bottle. Play time after the bottle!

3:30-4:30 – Nap time. She has a really hard time making it until 3:30 for her next nap, so a lot of times I lay her down at 3. She will nap until 4:30!

4:30 – Wake and 6 oz bottle, then play time.

If she woke up from her nap at or before 4:00, then she will need a little cat nap before bed. I will put her in a wrap and let her sleep from 5-5:30, but I don’t let her sleep past 5:30! I rarely do cat naps anymore, but sometimes when her schedule is off a little bit, she needs one.

6:30-6:45 Bath time with brother! She bathes in the angel care bath in the big bath, if that makes sense!

6:45 – Lotion, PJs, Sleep Sack, 8 oz bottle

7:00 – Asleep on belly in crib for the night. She has been sleeping 7pm-7am for about a month now. Before, she was going to bed closer to 8pm and sleeping until 7. She is usually pretty much asleep after drinking her bottle, but if she isn’t we will let her fuss in her crib and put herself to sleep.

I plan to have a sleep training blog post up for you all soon! I will share some tips for helping your babies become great sleepers from the minute you bring them home from the hospital. I am no expert, but I have found a few things that I think really help!



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  • Reply Kelli H January 3, 2018 at 11:52 pm

    I would love to do a schedule and I try to but my three month old daughter only takes about thirty minute naps so her awake time is so long! She’s starting to do one longer nap a day. Maybe it’ll get more and more.

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