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July 5, 2016

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! I hope you had an amazing fourth of July weekend!! I had mentioned in my previous post that Jared and I were eating Paleo last week, so I wanted to share our menu with you in case you were interested in this style of eating. I felt so great during the week, and I had zero indigestion at night, which I had been having previously. I wish I could eat this way all the time, but I have to have my cheese (and bread and sugar…) every now and then!! I think the ideal balance would be to eat Paleo during the week and then have a couple splurges on the weekend! Because we enjoyed it so much last week, we are going to do it again this week! Can you believe I went Monday-Friday with NO sugar? I surprised myself, even! 😛

So here is what last week looked like for us:


Exercise – 5 miles on treadmill

Breakfast – Bacon, fried eggs, 1/2 Avo

Lunch – Sweet Potato Chili with Ground Turkey (I cook mine in the crockpot)

Dinner – Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potato, Green Beans (We grilled a bunch of chicken and prepped the sweet potatoes and green beans so that we didn’t have to cook dinner each night.)

Snack – Berries

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Exercise – 3 miles on treadmill

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, bacon, 1/2 avocado

Lunch – Sweet potato chili and grapes

Dinner – Steak, red potatoes, asparagus


Exercise – 4 miles in the neighborhood

Breakfast – Sautéed sweet potatoes and sausage topped with fried egg

Lunch – Sweet potato chili

Snack – Banana

Dinner – Grilled chicken, green beans, sweet potato


Exercise – Hike (1.6 miles)

Breakfast – Leftover sweet potato sausage scramble with eggs

Lunch – Hodge podge with leftovers (breakfast potatoes, avocado, salsa, eggs)

Dinner – Paleo chicken tenders and roasted potatoes


Exercise – 4 miles in neighborhood

Breakfast – Leftover sweet potato/sausage scramble with eggs

Lunch – Strawberry banana smoothie with almond milk

Dinner – Dinner with family / Paleo friendly chicken curry!

It seems I didn’t take any pictures of my food on Friday! Woops!

Is it a lot of work to eat this way??

Not necessarily…I certainly think the key to being able to eat this way is to plan ahead! We always create a menu on Friday or Saturday, regardless of whether or not we are eating Paleo. Then, we go grocery shopping over the weekend. This is the only time we go to the grocery store, so we have to get every thing we need for the week.

We try to grill out atleast once during the week and prep a bunch of meat so that we don’t have to cook dinner each night. I also try to bake a bunch of sweet potatoes and roast some green beans, squash, broccoli, etc. so that the sides are all prepped and ready to go! We always always always have leftovers! The only meal we had last week that didn’t have leftovers was steak. I opt for easy, mess-free lunches that require minimal effort. Salads are great, but Jared and I both LOVE the Paleo chili! We have been incorporating that into our menu for a couple of years now!

One huge benefit to eating this way is that you are less likely to go out to eat, so you end up spending less money. We wanted to eat Paleo on Saturday, too, but we were out and about for lunch time. We ended up going to Chiptole and ordering salads. But, when you have to skip out on the rice, beans, cheese, AND sour cream, it’s not really worth paying $8.00 for it! I would rather just eat at home!!

Anyway, I hope this post gave you some inspiration in case you are considering eating this way. Jared and I used to be so passionate about this style of eating because of the way our bodies responded. I am still a huge advocate of it!!

I hope you have a fabulous day! I’ll be back tomorrow with my 35 week pregnancy update!


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