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One Month Postpartum – Bellefit Girdle Review

October 4, 2017

Dang it, this post is late! I’m actually about a month and a half postpartum now, but in this post I’m going to share about the first month after having Scotti. It honestly has been a whirlwind! Part of me can’t believe that she is already almost 7 weeks old, but then another part of me can’t believe she’s already out of my belly! My pregnancy went by soo fast that it’s kind of hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s over! I honestly didn’t think I would be saying this, but kind of already miss being pregnant! What the heck!! (Jared would die if I said that to him!! Haha!) I was sooo over it toward the end, but there is just something so special about growing a little human inside your belly. It’s such a miracle, and I’m so grateful I got to experience it twice! But, what’s even better than being pregnant is being a mom! I love love love playing that role!

So, like I said, this first month of Scotti’s life has been a bit of a blur. I am going to touch on a few topics that I know other moms may be interested in, but I may leave out some details by mistake!

-Emotions // First off, we have my emotions! So with Beckham, I think I dealt with very mild postpartum depression. I’m not sure if it would even be considered that, but I definitely felt some sadness. I mainly felt sad for my marriage, and that something was changing it (having a baby)! I wanted Jared all to myself, and I wanted to have all of the time back that we used to have! It took a few weeks for that feeling to go away and for me to see that all of the sacrifice were completely worth it! I also had days where I struggled with being a stay at home mom, and felt like maybe I wasn’t good at it, or that maybe I did need to go back to work, or maybe I would be happier and more fulfilled as a working mom (completely selfish thinking). Again, those feelings subsided. I say all that to say that I haven’t had any of those feelings this time around. My emotions have been completely stable and I haven’t experienced any sadness. I would definitely say that going from two kids to one has been a lot easier that from no kids to one! Thank you Lord! I don’t really even feel stressed! I would just say that I feel a little crazy and like I have major mom brain, but not really stressed! It’s just kind of comical how nuts our days are! You know how many refrigerators have a water and ice dispenser that you can fill your cup with? Well, I am typically filling a large cup, so I usually let if fill up, do something else real quick, then come back and grab it as it’s reaching it’s fullness. Well, four times since Scotti has born, I’ve completely forgotten to come back and grab it. I don’t realize it’s overflowing until I hear water flowing onto the floor. I have to pull out the refrigerator and clean up the puddle of water that is underneath it……It’s a huge mess. So ya, I may be losing my mind just a little bit, but I’m really enjoying it! Haha!

“Mom, leave me alone!!”

-Breastfeeding // Ya, sooo…breastfeeding….Not doing it! A lot of people ask me about this. With Beckham I attempted breastfeeding, he didn’t latch..I decided to pump exclusively, I despised it and felt so sad and lonely doing it….so I stopped after about 3 weeks. I decided not to even mess with it this time around. I love formula. For our family, it was the best decision! Jared can help, other family members can help. I don’t have to pump at weddings or photo shoots or anywhere! I love formula!! So, I told the nurses at the hospital that I don’t breastfeed, and not a single person gave me a hard time! No one even asked me why!! It was awesome!! My milk still came in when Scotti was a few days old and it was pretty brutal. Engorgement, soreness, lumps, you name it. I was worried that I might get mastitis, but I persevered, drank no more milk tea, and took allergy medicine, and it completely dried up about 10 days postpartum! Yayyy!! 

-Weightloss // Losing the baby weight…Okay, so I gained 35 lbs during this pregnancy, and I still had 3 lbs to lose from my first pregnancy, so I was up a total of 38 lbs from my goal weight. I have lost 25 lbs already, and still have 13 more to lose. I had lost 8 lbs when I got home from the hospital, and the rest during the first month. I recently joined Weight Watchers to help me lose the last bit. I did this with Beckham, too, and had lost almost all of my weight by the time he was 3 months old. But, I was super motivated to lose the weight last time because I knew I didn’t want to get pregnant again until I had lost the weight, and I wanted to get pregnant again soon!!! That’s not the case this time, haha, so I’m not in quite as big of a rush! I would love to be back at my goal weight by the new year, though!

-Bellefit Girdle // The Bellefit Girdle was something new that I tried this time around. I had heard great things about it and was excited to try it out! Supposedly it helps your uterus go back to it’s normal size faster, and it also helps your stomach muscles go back into place. I started wearing it 4 days postpartum, and I seriously think I saw results after the first day. It helped my stomach shrink down so much faster than it did on it’s own with Beckham. When I first put it on, it was a little uncomfortable, but once I got used to it, I actually preferred wearing it!! I loved the way it made my stomach feel nice and tight instead of loose and jiggly!! I would definitely recommend this girdle to anyone who is interested! Definitely use the sizing guide found on the website because the girdles run small! I actually had to get an XL because of my measurements, and I typically wear a Medium in everything! They have a few different styles to choose from, and you can see them all here. You can get $20 off of a girdle for yourself with my code by purchasing through this link and using this code – Ahjf20 — Woo hoo!!!

I took some pictures as I wore the girdle throughout my recovery. Be nice!! These pictures are a bit embarrassing! Especially the first couple!

First time wearing it – 3 days postpartum!

It was sooo tight! Now it’s not tight at all. I would actually like to order one that’s a size smaller! I haven’t been wearing it any more since it’s not tight. 5 days postpartum
7 days postpartum 10 days postpartum These were taken today! (46 days postpartum..Almost 7 weeks!)

Those are all of the updates that I can think to share right now, but I will share more next month!


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  • Val October 4, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    What did you think of doing Weight watchers as a mother of 2 little ones? I have 2 young children as well and I’m looking for a weight loss program that will last and not be just a quick fix where I’ll end up gaining the weight months later.

  • Britney Crawley October 5, 2017 at 8:15 am

    Sounds like things are going well for you as you adjust to being s mom of two! So glad to hear! We are expecting our first next month and I love reading posts like these. I was really interested in hearing how you liked the girdle because I’ve heard great things. I’m definitely planning to get one and try it out. Thanks for sharing! You look great, also!