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My Post Baby Fitness and Nutrition Plan

February 10, 2018

I am excited to be sharing my fitness and nutrition plan with you all today! If you’ve been following me for a while then you probably know that I delivered my first child in August 2016, and got pregnant again 3 months later, having my second child in August 2017! So, within two years, I gained a total of 75 lbs! Not fun! But my babies are so worth it! Anyway, luckily I have lost all of that weight, with the exception of four pounds. I didn’t worry about exercise or eating healthy after Scotti was born, because let’s face it, we’ve been in survival mode!! But finally I am ready and excited to get healthy! These days I’m not so worried about the number on the scale. Instead, I am focusing on how I feel, both mentally and physically, my strength, and how my clothes fit! I am just happier all around when I am making healthy, controlled food choices and when I’m exercising.

When 2018 arrived, Jared and I both decided we wanted to focus on personal development, and become healthier than ever before! We started the year with a Whole30 challenge, which was amazing! I lost 9 lbs and I felt amazing! (I had gained 8 lbs over Christmas break…Ugh!! So I pretty much just lost that weight! I’m not going to let that happen next year! Haha!)  It was so empowering. It felt so good to be disciplined and to be cooking again! I had forgotten how much I loved to cook! If you’ve never done Whole30, I highly highly recommend it!

Not only did we decide to do Whole30, but we also decided to get serious about exercise! We found a simple and awesome weight lifting program and started right away! We are on week 6 now! I was a little intimidated at first because I have never lifted weights in my entire life! I have always tried to run on the treadmill for exercise, but let’s face it, it’s miserable and I always had to give myself a pep talk and convince myself to do it! I always dreaded it! If you dread your work outs, you will end up quitting!! I actually really enjoy lifting weights! I would have never dreamed!!  This new lifting program is working though! I am getting stronger! We just “graduated” from our first cycle of the workout plan, which means our weights increase by 10%! I felt so proud that I was able to complete the first cycle. We are working out 3 days a week, and it takes about 45 minutes total for Jared and I both to complete our workout. We work out as soon as the kids go to bed! We are fortunate enough to have a small gym in our third car garage so we don’t have to leave the house! We are usually done by 7:45! I love that we get to do it together! It’s fun getting to catch up, listen to music, and release some stress from the day! In addition to our work out plan, we have decided to continue eating a Paleo based diet. We just feel amazing when we eat this way! We are eating strict Paleo Monday-Friday, and then allowing other foods, like pizza and desserts (my favorite) on the weekend. This is a sustainable way of eating that we could easily do for the rest of our lives! I strongly believe that you shouldn’t do a “diet” that isn’t something you could keep up with for the rest of your life, otherwise you’ll just gain all of the weight back down the road. Another huge plus to eating Paleo is that Beckham is eating sooooo much healthier! It’s pretty amazing, actually. He is eating spicy curry, cauliflower rice, frittata, grilled chicken, and pretty much anything else I cook!One thing that helps me stay motivated to work out is cute work out clothes! I love looking cute when I exercise! This outfit I’m wearing is from Onzie and I love it so much! I love fun sports bras with a neat back like this one. I think this top is so cute because it has an open back that reveals my fun sports bra! These color block leggings are super cute, too. They are high waisted, which is my favorite! I’m pretty sure I wear athletic clothes nearly every day of the week now that I’m a stay at home mom. Is that bad?! Haha! At least they are cute! Do you wear athletic clothes most of the time? Or do you try to get dressed into real clothes during the week!? Maybe I’m not the only one who wants to be comfortable when they are playing with babies all day!

I would love to hear how you stay healthy and active! I know it looks different for all of us!

I will keep you all posted on my weight lifting progress! I am so excited to be getting stronger!



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