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Keeping Baby Girl Warm and Cozy with Goumikids

June 9, 2017

Happy Friday, guys! We made it! If you’ve been following The Portion for a while now, then you’ve probably heard me talk about how much I love Friday’s about a million times! Fridays are just happy!! I love knowing that it’s the last day my man has to go into the office and that we are about to get an entire weekend together!! During this season, we have weddings almost every weekend, so things look a little different. However, weekends are still just as special as ever, because when we shoot a wedding, it means that Jared and I get an entire day together with no baby! It feels like a long date day! Yes, our feet are throbbing by the end of it, but we always have a blast, and we love getting to chat on the drive to and from the wedding!

Anyway, on this particular Friday, I want to share some amazing baby items with you! I recently learned about Goumikids, and now I’m finding that they actually a super popular company. I guess I’ve just been living in the dark! Anyway, this company was started by two moms who were annoyed that they couldn’t find any baby mittens that would stay on their babies hands. Um. Helllllllo! That’s me! That was such a frustration when Beckham was first born! Eventually we just gave up and he ended up scratching the heck out of his face! If only I had known about these mitts….So what makes them so great? Well, they actually stay on!! They use a two-part closure system that ensure the mitts stay on. They also grow with your baby!! And you can get these mitts for only $12!! How amazing! They are so soft and made with such quality materials that I expected them to be much more expensive!I actually got this set from Goumikids that came with the mitts, booties, and jamms. I love love love this set and I think it might be what we take Scotti home in! It is just so soft and cozy! I love the little night gown soooo much!!
Can you tell I am ready for this baby girl to get here?!?!
I love these booties too, because similar to the mitten situation, it’s so hard to find socks that stay on babies! If your baby is anything like Beckham, then they will try everything in their power to kick their socks off!! These booties are great because they aren’t too thick, but they are thick enough to keep your baby’s feet warm, and they won’t come off!! These booties have the same closure as the mitts, and they are sure to stay on!! Yay!! I cannot wait to put Scotti in these! I know she will get a lot of use out of these!

You can find these items online at Goumikids, or even at Target!! Yay!

If you’ve tried any of these things, please let me know how you’ve liked them! I can’t wait to use them on our sweet baby girl!



Thank you to Goumi Kids for partnering with me on today’s post!

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