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Hiking While Pregnant…WOW!

July 1, 2016

If you’ve been reading along for a while then you know that I’ve been pretty active during the third trimester of my pregnancy. I have loved exercising and it’s made me feel so great! My favorite feeling comes after the workout once I step out of a cool shower and then put on comfy loungewear…..It’s a glorious feeling!

Anyway, my sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner last night and we decided to go for a little hike after dinner! We knew this hike wouldn’t be anything too crazy, and luckily we had all done it before. I was super excited because I think it’s been about 2 years since Jared and I last hiked! So off we went on our hiking adventure! — BTW we had these Paleo Chicken Tenders for dinner and I was really impressed!

We scoped out the map before we began to make sure that we didn’t end up taking a longer trail. IndianSeats-1 Well, my leg muscles began burning about 10 seconds in….I couldn’t believe how much I struggled! I was breathing heavily nearly the entire time and some parts weren’t even uphill! I was truly shocked! I guess I thought since I had been exercising so much that this little hike would be no big deal, but it was! I guess it’s the incline that made it tough. I was sooo happy that we took the short route which was about .8 miles to the top, so we ended up doing about 1.6 miles total. I was fine, but I don’t think I will attempt another hike while I’m this pregnant; It’s a whole different ball game!! IndianSeats-2 Despite my sad lungs, we had so much fun!! There were a lot of people on the trail which was cool, and the trees did a nice job of blocking the sun. IndianSeats-3 IndianSeats-4 Of course we stopped for a quick photo opp; Aren’t they cute?IndianSeats-5
IndianSeats-7 IndianSeats-8 Now for mama bear….. 😛
IndianSeats-10 Aw, she will be such a fun aunt!
IndianSeats-11 And then we made it to the top! Literally the moment we were reaching the top, it began to POUR!!! We kept waiting for the rain to let up, but I wasn’t calming down. We snapped a few pictures in the rain and then headed back down.
My love! We had so much fun hiking together; We really want to start doing it more frequently once Beckham is here!
IndianSeats-17 “Let’s take a picture in the rain!!”
We were all soaked by the end. I was so glad I didn’t bring my phone! We had no idea rain was even in the forecast..It was so random!! But it felt really good since we were all sweating so much!IndianSeats-20So soaked!!  😛 We had so much fun spending time with Victoria and Nolan. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back out on that trail a couple months after Beckham’s arrival and I’ll be able to crush it! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend guys!!


If you didn’t get the chance to watch the vlog I shared yesterday, you can watch it below!

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