Beckham is ONE – Cake Smash!

August 9, 2017

Aw, my baby is officially ONE year old. I just can’t believe it! It seems like yesterday that he was born. I remember all of the details so vividly. It was such a special time. I will cherish the memories from his birth forever! 

We had a great time celebrating his birthday this weekend, too. I’m not huge into birthday parties. I think it’s important to be made to feel special on your birthday, however, I don’t think you have to spend tons of money or put in hours of work to make it great. We decided that for Beckham, we would do a cake smash the weekend before his birthday and get some fun pictures. Then on his actual birthday, we had a small party with close family. We didn’t want to do the cake smash at his party because we knew it would be a pain to clean up! I love the way the cake smash pictures turned out! He didn’t want to eat the cake, which was actually a bit of a relief to me, because I was worried about all of the sugar. I think these photos turned out so cute and I know we will cherish them forever!

He was fascinated by the balloons! He loves to pose for the camera!
Haha. “What the heck is this thing??” Sweet boy! He looks so grown up in some of these pictures! Okay, and now for the cake. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of it…. Hmmmm “This feels sooo weird…”
This picture is the best!!! He was squishing the cake in his hands with all of his power! Hahahahahaha Aw, and then I tried to get him to taste the cake. It really hurt his feelings…..Haha So mad at mom… And then I started singing B-I-N-G-O and he decided that he would forgive me.

This was so much fun, and so simple! I made a boxed cake and then made some homemade whipped cream for the frosting. I figured that was a little healthier than regular icing. Haha.

Thanks to so many of you for following along this journey with Beckham. Many of you have been around since he was just growing in my belly! He is such a gift, and I’m so grateful I get to be his mom!

I will be back on Friday with lots of pictures from his birthday party. Stay tuned!



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