All About The Bunn House – Asheville, NC

April 26, 2016

Yesterday I mentioned that we had the opportunity to stay at The Bunn House in Asheville for the first time a couple weeks ago, and we had the most amazing experience!! This is a boutique hotel with only 5 rooms, and they treat their guests like royalty! The Bunn House is within walking distance from downtown Asheville, and it’s located on the cutest little street! Before Jared and I arrived for our stay, I was emailed by one of the staff members the see if there were any particular goodies or items that I would like placed in our room. How amazing is that?! This is definitely the perfect spot for a calm and romantic getaway!

BunnHouse-79 BunnHouse-76  Each room has a personal balcony or terrace!BunnHouse-74 BunnHouse-75 BunnHouse-73 BunnHouse-72 BunnHouse-70 BunnHouse-69 BunnHouse-68 BunnHouse-71 BunnHouse-78 When you first enter, there is a common area stocked with yummy treats, many of which are locally made! They are all free, too!BunnHouse-67 BunnHouse-66 BunnHouse-65 BunnHouse-64 BunnHouse-63

One of my favorite things about The Bunn House is that you don’t have to check in our check out. You are emailed a code to get into the hotel, and then a code to get into your room! It’s that easy! You are never given a key to keep up with!!BunnHouse-62 BunnHouse-33 Each room is equipped with a Haiku fan (which is amazing, btw), a ceiling mounted sound machine, and a 49” LED TV with Premium Cable, Netflix, and Hulu (HECK YES!).BunnHouse-1 BunnHouse-2 BunnHouse-3 They were thoughtful enough to provide me with a pregnancy pillow! BunnHouse-4 BunnHouse-9 BunnHouse-19 BunnHouse-42 BunnHouse-43 BunnHouse-26 Our room was stocked with locally made granola, wine, champagne, ice-cream, soda, juice, and milk! It also had a Nespresso machine and milk frother! We loved having the Nespresso machine in our room to make latte’s with! Now we want to purchase one! BunnHouse-16 BunnHouse-14 BunnHouse-44 BunnHouse-46 BunnHouse-45 BunnHouse-50 BunnHouse-51 BunnHouse-54

The shower is amazing!! Each room has a Thermasol-Pro steam shower, L’Occitane en Prevence toiletries, and awesome Harry Josh hair dryers! AND, get this, the bathrooms have HEATED FLOORS!!! Whaat!

BunnHouse-29 BunnHouse-30 BunnHouse-31 BunnHouse-25 BunnHouse-24 BunnHouse-23 BunnHouse-20 BunnHouse-18 BunnHouse-17 BunnHouse-15 BunnHouse-13 BunnHouse-12 BunnHouse-11 BunnHouse-10 BunnHouse-6 BunnHouse-5 BunnHouse-8

We each got an amazing Frette bathrobe. I don’t know about you guys, but bathrobes make me reallllly happy!!! And they make me feel so relaxed! BunnHouse-28We loved our balcony!BunnHouse-22 There is a rooftop terrace at The Bunn House, too! How amazing is that?!BunnHouse-35 BunnHouse-36 BunnHouse-37 BunnHouse-47 BunnHouse-48 BunnHouse-49 BunnHouse-52 BunnHouse-56 BunnHouse-57 The terrace is just beautiful. There is also a huge fireplace where you can go and build your own fire! How fun! BunnHouse-58 BunnHouse-59 BunnHouse-78 BunnHouse-71

We truly loved everything about this boutique hotel, and we are already planning our next visit back! I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to spend a couple nights here, because it really made our trip super special. Thanks for having us, Bunn House!

Have you ever stayed at a boutique hotel? If so, what was your experience like? I would love to hear about it!


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