Hi there! I’m Emily! I am a wife, mom, foodie, photographer, and Jesus follower. I love meeting new people and connecting with new friends through this blog, so I am really glad you stopped by!


I married my best friend, Jared,  on July 7th. Marriage has been the most amazing journey, and I thank God daily for sending me such a perfect partner to do life with. 


He is my best friend!


We found out we were expecting our first child on December 5th, 2015, and we announced it to the world a couple weeks later. Finding out we were pregnant was one of the most exciting moments of my life; I will never forget it! Now we cannot imagine life without him!! PregnancyAnnouncement-1

We are now expecting baby #2 this August! She and Beckham will be one year apart! We cannot wait to meet her!I am an extremely outgoing person, and I love transparently sharing my life with those around me. Life has it’s ups and downs, and I began this blog as a way to document each of those moments. Today, this blog still serves as a way to share those moments, but it also allows me to share my favorite products, recipes, and and travel destinations with my readers. Photography is a huge passion of mine, and it’s one of the reasons I love blogging so much. I never grow tired of taking photos to share on the blog. Jared and I also own a wedding photography business which allows me to live out my passions.


Why “The Portion”? After many months of brainstorming different options for the name of the blog, I finally landed on The Portion, and I think it so perfectly represents what this blog is all about. A portion is a part of something, and every day it feels as though I am juggling 5,000 different things or “parts” that all combine to make up my life. I think it is so important to find balance, and to correctly portion all areas of your life: Relationships, food, work, exercise, fun, etc. I have gone through seasons of life where these portions were completely out of whack, and my life felt like a train wreck. I spent years allowing running to consume my life, then next it was food and body image, then next it was people pleasing. All of these things must be enjoyed in small portions, and should never consume our lives. Ultimately, I believe that God is my portion, as Psalm 16:5 says: ‘’Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure.” I believe that I will never be completely fulfilled or satisfied in life until I rest in that truth and look to Him to completely fill my cup. Then, I am able to find balance and portion in all of the other things that tend to consume my thoughts and my days.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to get to know me! I’m so glad you did!

Feel free to shoot me an email at emilyduplooy1@gmail.com if you would like to chat!