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36 Weeks Pregnant – Cute Maternity Clothes

August 2, 2017

Wow! So I’m actually almost 37 weeks! I’ll be 37 weeks on Saturday. That is completely insane. I feel like we just found out I was pregnant, and we were just telling our families the good news! I had a feeling it would fly by since I am so busy with Beckham, but still, I am shocked! Haha! I am grateful though, no need to prolong it! 

We are at such a fun stage with Beckham now. He turns 1 on Sunday, and I just love this age. I don’t feel too stressed about adding another baby to the mix like I did a few months back. Beckham is so easy and independent now. He eats real food (way better than a million bottles through out the day) and is pretty go with the flow. He still sleeps like a champ, and his days are very predictable. The fact that he is walking…well, running, makes it a lot easier, too, because he stays so busy (making messes, haha!). People keep asking me how I think he will adjust to the new baby, and honestly, I don’t think he will even notice her! I think he will definitely notice that I can’t pick him up all the time when I’m holding her, or that I can’t always get to him as quickly as I can now, but I think he will do great! I am excited and ready for this new chapter!

I went to the doctor yesterday for a checkup and she said Scotti is measuring at exactly 36 weeks (just by doing the belly measurement) and that I’m not dilated at all. Also, she said her head is still very high, which makes me think she may not come early after all! And that’s ok! I just want her to be safe and healthy! I was also encouraged to hear that I’ve gained 31 pounds so far, which is great! I had already gained 40 with Beckham at this point!! And I was exercising like crazy! But honestly, I don’t really have much of an appetite, especially for lunch, so I’m sure that’s why I haven’t gained as much.

Anyway, I will stop with my rambling and show you some belly pictures and also some cute cute maternity clothes! These tops that I am wearing below are from Mommylicious Maternity. I love cute stylish maternity clothes, so I was super excited to get some new pieces from them!
This blouse is one of my favorites ever! I love the way it fits. I also love the flowy sleeves! Sleeveless shirts are just not good for me right now. Haha. I’m pretty sure all 30 pounds I’ve gained have gone to my arms and legs!!  It can be difficult to find affordable maternity clothes, but Mommylicious Maternity carries tons!! This cute top was only $29.99!!  This pink top is a more casual every day shirt, but again, I love it! It is so soft, and the sleeves are great!! They are loose and long, which is flattering, in my opinion! This shirt is only $19.99! It comes in many different colors, too!  I wore this to a fun girl’s night out, and I thought it was so cute and casual! I have worn it several times since, too!

Mommylicious Maternity has tons of adorable maternity clothes, so definitely check them out if you are expecting!

I will be back on Friday, as long as no baby comes!






 A big thank you goes to Mommylicious Maternity for partnering with me on today’s post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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