A Day in the Life with 2 Under 2

    February 12, 2018

    Life with 2 under 2 is crazy, but it’s not any crazier than I expected! I knew what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to have kids that were 12 months apart! Haha! The days are long and crazy with a capital C, but I love it! (Most of the time! Haha!) Even though most days our house looks like a 3-ring circus, we have so much fun, and we are making tons of incredible memories. I love being a mom so much, and I am literally obsessed with my babies. Literally. I am dying for nap time to come, or for bed time to arrive, but why?? All I do is sit and stare at pictures or videos of them when they’re asleep! Motherhood is so crazy! But it’s certainly not all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a mental game. It’s a never-ending desperate cry to Jesus for strength, grace, and patience. Some days are just so hard and lonely. I had a few of those days last week. We were all under the weather, lots of grumpiness going on, and I looked at Jared and said, “Some days I just feel so trapped. This is my life for the foreseeable future….”Β  #dramatic. But I have moments where that’s what runs through my mind. Motherhood requires you to give and give and give, until you feel that there’s nothing left. I don’t think you can quite comprehend what it’s truly like until you are in it and it’s your every day life. It’s so good. So amazing. Such an immense blessing. But it can be so hard. So draining. And it can cause you to doubt yourself in so many ways. Continue Reading